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Professional Services In Industrial Engineering

Nowadays the competitive environment demands the solid mix experience and knowledge if advanced industrial engineering, supply chain management, finite capacity scheduling, software and database design and shop floor control problems etc.
OEMS offers a comprehensive array of software solutions and consulting services to increase your productivity and enhance new business opportunities.

Simulation Modeling Services

Simulation Modeling Services using Promodel, one of the most popular high-end simulation software in the World. This software can be applied on manufacturing, health care and services industries and the followings are the typical problems that simulation can solve:

  • Facilities and systems design evaluation
  • Equipment justification
  • Bottleneck identification
  • Inventory and WIP reduction
  • Resources allocation
  • Supply chain and logistics optimization
  • Throughput analysis

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software using Preactor, one of the most flexible and sophisticated finite capacity production scheduling software worldwide. This software can provide the following functions:

  • Widely apply on production and shop floor
  • High speed scheduling
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve delivery performance
  • Cost effective solution to reduce inventory and lead times
  • Open database enable to integrate with ERP, MRP and shop floor control systems

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