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Training Courses for Industrial Engineering and Management

With the occurrence of the recent worldwide financial crisis and the compulsory execution of the labour law earlier this year, manufacturers of Hong Kong and mainland China are facing a gigantic challenge just to stay alive. However, due to the lack of knowledge and tools, most of the manufacturers find it difficult to improve their production systems so that they can control the cost in order to become competitive in their respective industries. During this critical time it is very important for manufacturers to equip themselves for the future so that they can survive and at the same time have enough knowledge and tools to improve their production systems in a constant manner to stay ahead in competition in the future.
Based on the reasons above our company decides to team up with the Institute of Industrial Engineers to offer a series of courses for production and management personnel. The Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) is a US based society that promotes Industrial Engineering, which includes a lot of specialized knowledge for improving any kind of system such as production, logistics and service. With competition of these courses your colleagues can be recommended to this society to become a professional member.

The modules of this course are as follows:

  • Production Planning and Control
  • Inventory and Store Management
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Quality and Safety Management
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Management
  • Information Technology Applications

The target audience of this series of training courses includes:
Managers and Supervisors of Production Department
Quality Management Managers and Quality Assurance Personnel
Engineering Management and Suppliers Management Personnel
Production Line Technicians

Members and consultants of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (Hong Kong) with more than 15 years of training and consulting experiences.

For more information about this series of training course please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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