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DecisionTools - Decision Analysis

You make difficult decisions, every-day-decision based on a thorough analysis of alternatives and available data. But what if the alternatives are uncertain and ill-defined? Or the data is sketchy or doesn’t exist? Or the situation is dynamic and difficult to predict?

Every day analysts, engineers, project managers, and other professionals around the world rely on the DecisionTools Suite to help them solve problems, uncover opportunities, and make better decisions.
The DecisionTools Suite is an integrated set of programmes designed to work together to provide combined analyses for optimum decision analysis in one package!

The DecisionTools Suite brings together seven products:
@Risk – Risk Analysis
PrecisionTree – Decision Analysis
TopRank – Sensitivity Analysis
NeuralTools – Predictive Analysis Using Neural Network
StatTools – Time Series Forecasting and Advanced Statistical Analysis
Evolver – Genetic Algorithm-based Optimization
RISKOptimzer – Optimization under Uncertainty

Each of the products in the DecisionTools Suite can be purchased separately.

Please feel free to contact us about the details of the software.

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