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riteTime – Touchscreen Labor Data Collection

riteTIME is what you need for easy and accurate touchscreen data collection. Designed with the manufacturing process in mind, riteTIME provides real-time data tracking for designers, line employees, maintenance personnel and management reporting.

riteTIME is specifically designed to automate the tracking of jobs, work orders and maintenance items which have historically been tracked manually.

With riteTIME, shop floor data is typically tracked using touchscreen monitors or touchscreen computers, however engineers can also track their work on products before it goes to production by using their desktop PC.

The touchscreen terminals are typically located on the shop floor, conveniently positioned where production line employees can enter job information as they work.

Engineers or designers typically work at a desktop PC. With riteTIME loaded on their desktop PC, engineers and designers can track the work they do on jobs and work orders without leaving their work area.

A leaflet about the overview of the software can be downloaded here.


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