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PSI Planner – Supply Chain Planning

PSI Planner is a high tech, low cost integrated Demand Forecasting, Distribution/Materials Requirements Planning (DRP/MRP) and Master Production Scheduling (MPS) software system for Windows.  It is specifically designed for Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers with multiple production and/or distribution sites who would like their Production, sales and inventory functions to operate efficiently.
Users will be able to improve their customer service levels while simultaneously increasing inventory turns. PSI Planner is also a great productivity tool, since it's so easy to install and use.

How can PSI Planner help my business?

Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) extends the concept of MRP into the distribution environment. Replenishment is based on forecasted and actual demand at the end of the distribution system and is accumulated backward, netting inventory at each level to determine the replenishment requirements at the subsequent level (which can be either a distribution center or production site). The inherent increased variability of demand at the end level of the distribution system can be better anticipated and planned for by DRP because of the extended visibility it provides of the demand, inventory status and replenishment requirements at all echelons of the Supply Chain.

PSI Planner also has Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) capabilities, via its' Bill of Material function. Production requirements can be exploded into their raw material and component needs at the plant level in addition to finished goods display requirements at plants and distribution centers.

PSI Planner combines the capabilities of DRP along with integrated Sales Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling modules to create a powerful planning tool!

PSI Planner is not only useful in managing inventory in your own distribution system, but can also be used to manage your customers' inventory in Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) applications.

The brochure of this software can be downloaded here.


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