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  Jan 2014
Preactor Version 12.1 Released
  Jan 2014
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  Feb 2013
Preactor Opens Offices in China
  January 2013
ProModel Enterprise
  Dec 2012
riteLINK Integrates riteTIME with Preactor and ERP Systems
  June 29, 2011
ProModel, MedModel, and ServiceModel 2011 released!
  23 March, 2011
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  27 October, 2010
ProModel, MedModel, ServiceModel 2010 released!
  14 May, 2010
Preactor International Unveils Next Generation APS Solution

What's News

Jan 2014

Preactor Version 12.1 Released

Preactor Group, which creates the Preactor range of production planning and scheduling software products for industries including manufacturing, logistics and services, has released version 12.1.

The major enhancements of this version are:

  • Available in both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit variants.  The 64-bit variant will execute as a native 64-bit process on a 64-bit operation system.  In this scenario, Preactor has access to far more resources and can solve larger and more complex scheduling algorithm in much less time.
  • An easy to use import/Export Wizard for data communication between Preactor and other systems such as ERP and MES.
  • Allow different type of data source such as SQL Server, Oracle, Access and Excel) to be imported directly to Preactor.
  • Allows users to save calandars with production schedules for easier comparison alternative schedules with different calendar template and apply an alternative calendar template into an existing schedule.
  • A new security module for controlling the access and role of users when using Preactor.
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