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  Jan 2014
Preactor Version 12.1 Released
  Jan 2014
OEMS is Appointed as a Reseller of Opera MES Software Solution in the Greater China Region
  Feb 2013
Preactor Opens Offices in China
  January 2013
ProModel Enterprise
  Dec 2012
riteLINK Integrates riteTIME with Preactor and ERP Systems
  June 29, 2011
ProModel, MedModel, and ServiceModel 2011 released!
  23 March, 2011
Process Simulator 2011 has been released!
  27 October, 2010
ProModel, MedModel, ServiceModel 2010 released!
  14 May, 2010
Preactor International Unveils Next Generation APS Solution

What's News

Jan 2014

OEMS is Appointed as a Reseller of Opera MES Software Solution in the Greater China Region

Oriental Enterprise Management Solutions Limited (OEMS) is recently appointed as a reseller of Opera Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software solution in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan regions.

Opera MES is a full blown, multi-site, multi-language software product with a modular structure, covering all key areas of Manufacturing Execution Systems, from Production to Quality, from Material Management to Equipment Maintenance.

Opera allows you to understand and improve plant production performances, managing and monitoring the whole factory by providing real time information on Production Progress, Performance levels, Quality Checks, Traceability, Inventory, Maintenance and much more.

Opera is tightly connected to any ERP system available on the market, from well-known brands to smaller local solutions. A wide range of pre-configured charts and reports is also available, including Production Progress, Man/Machine Performance levels, Hours at Work vs. Hours Paid, Downtime Analysis, Stock levels, Batch Tracking and much more. All reports are customizable and new reports can be added to better respond to users’ needs.

Indeed the key asset of Opera MES is its fully configurable and user-friendly approach. Opera perfectly meets customer requirements in terms of both functionality and costs. It can be used across all business sectors, and suits manufacturing companies of any size, from small businesses to larger corporations:

  • Optimize plant effectiveness
  • Develop best practices by addressing the main reasons for inefficiency
  • Add more value to your existing assets
  • Reduce manufacturing cycle time
  • Reduce or eliminate data entry time
  • Reduce Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Reduce or eliminate paperwork and possible losses

About Open Data

Open Data, the developer of Opera MES, is based near Bologna, Italy. It was founded in 1994 by three IT and MES experts who are still the backbone of the company. Independent and financially sound, Open Data boasts a client portfolio of over 300 manufacturers all over the world.

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