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  Jan 2014
Preactor Version 12.1 Released
  Jan 2014
OEMS is Appointed as a Reseller of Opera MES Software Solution in the Greater China Region
  Feb 2013
Preactor Opens Offices in China
  January 2013
ProModel Enterprise
  Dec 2012
riteLINK Integrates riteTIME with Preactor and ERP Systems
  June 29, 2011
ProModel, MedModel, and ServiceModel 2011 released!
  23 March, 2011
Process Simulator 2011 has been released!
  27 October, 2010
ProModel, MedModel, ServiceModel 2010 released!
  14 May, 2010
Preactor International Unveils Next Generation APS Solution

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Feb 2013

Preactor Opens Offices in China

Preactor, the worldwide leader in advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software, is responding to China's new status as the country with the highest manufacturing output by opening an office in Suzhou and another in Shanghai.

Preactor products allow companies to schedule production to make optimum use of finite resources to meet manufacturing deadlines. They can be integrated with existing IT software such as ERP systems.

Mike Novels, CEO of the Preactor Group, said that it was crucial to have a presence in China because of its dominant position in the manufacturing sector.

"APS software is relatively new in the Chinese market, but we believe that now is the right time to expand our presence there," he said.

Yuguo Liu, head of Preactor in China, said the Suzhou office location had been selected because of its proximity to the key manufacturers in the country.

"Close to Shanghai, it is in the middle of one of the largest manufacturing areas in China stretching from Nanjing in the north east to Hangzhou in the south west," he said.

"We've also based an office in Shanghai. Our focus will be building and supporting our partner network in China as well as providing support for Preactor users. We also plan to create close relationships with companies in specific manufacturing sectors in which we are strong in other parts of the world."

The Preactor Group is aiming to extend its presence in China enough to open other offices in the country in the future.
Preactor software is already used by more than 4,000 customers across 75 countries, and is translated into over 30 languages.

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