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  Jan 2014
Preactor Version 12.1 Released
  Jan 2014
OEMS is Appointed as a Reseller of Opera MES Software Solution in the Greater China Region
  Feb 2013
Preactor Opens Offices in China
  January 2013
ProModel Enterprise
  Dec 2012
riteLINK Integrates riteTIME with Preactor and ERP Systems
  June 29, 2011
ProModel, MedModel, and ServiceModel 2011 released!
  23 March, 2011
Process Simulator 2011 has been released!
  27 October, 2010
ProModel, MedModel, ServiceModel 2010 released!
  14 May, 2010
Preactor International Unveils Next Generation APS Solution

What's News

Dec 2012

riteLINK Integrates riteTIME with Preactor and ERP Systems

riteSOFT, developers of riteTIME Touchscreen Labor Data Collection software, announce riteLINK™ a connectivity solution based on Missing Link Technology's Connectelligence ® ESB technology.

riteLINK will provide seamless connectivity and automation of data transfer between riteTIME and a variety of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. riteLINK will also provide a tight integration between riteTIME and Preactor's Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions.

riteLINK will contain pre-defined maps for all standard riteTIME source data and transaction data fields which can be easily modified. Through the GUI designer, new data sources and custom rules can be added which will further enhance the connector's functionality and flexibility. riteLINK will also provide extensive reporting capabilities. A standard connector mapping riteTIME data to Preactor's APS solutions will also be included.

Bruce Hagberg, President of riteSOFT, commented on riteLINK and the relationship with Missing Link Technology, "We are excited to collaborate with Missing Link Technology to develop and deliver riteLINK which will streamline the exchange of data between riteTIME, Preactor and ERP systems. Missing Link Technology has demonstrated their abilities to deliver "off the shelf" integration tools that are flexible enough to be tailored to each customer's requirements. riteSOFT is committed to delivering a successful experience to our customers and we appreciate finding a like-minded partner in Missing Link Technology."

Mark Johansson, CTO of Missing Link Technology added, "riteLINK enables riteTIME to communicate with many different ERP systems in real-time or in batch. Pre-built ERP adapters give the plug-and-play capabilities needed for basic needs, and the riteLINK extensibility features allow for the extensive customization when needed to meet more advanced needs. riteLINK allows companies to leverage the labor data collected by riteTIME for use with their systems faster and easier than before and at the same time giving riteSOFT the power of a world-class ESB suite as part of its core offering."

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